Why Children are the Best

I love children, though it doesn’t mean to say that I want one now. (For goodness sake, I’m only 18! I don’t even want to get married for at least another decade let alone have kids!) However, with recent events taking place a couple days ago, I was reminded as to why I love them. To give you some back story, I’ll start off with the afternoon after my cousin’s ordination into priesthood.

It was a warm Saturday, and after the ceremony, my relatives and I made our way to the building where my cousin serves as Chaplain and I work as a volunteer. Needless to say, even though I was quite happy to see (and meet!) more relatives, I was still very, very upset with the events that took place the night before. Long story short, there was a guy involved, ’nuff said (and even within the anonymous world of blogging and the internet, I still have a very difficult time talking about personal, romantic feelings for another person).

Anyways, as soon as I stepped into the building and saw the other girl who volunteers there as well, I went over and started speaking to her. I wasn’t volunteering that day, but I helped a little bit in an effort to relieve some of the stress (considering there was quite a bit of people wanting to buy some drinks at the bar), after a while, three kids came right up to the bar wanting their apple and orange juices. That was the first time I met my cousin’s three children. The oldest, 12, the middle, 10 and the youngest 7 (turning 8 next month). I fell in love with the youngest at first sight. Her innocent smile just instantly brightened my day and all of a sudden I felt so much less gloomy.

Meeting my young 7 year old relative made me realize 10 reasons as to why children are simply the best.

10. Their optimism that comes with their innocence makes your day brighter.

Remember when you were a kid and you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? I don’t know about you, but I wanted to work as a spy. I remember watching some family friend’s kids for a couple hours, and when I asked them that question, I got responses like ‘I wanna be a fire fighter’, ‘Astronaut’, ‘Ballerina’, ‘I wanna be a fairy princess!’. They all have this confidence about them in which they truly believe they will become a fairy princess.

9. Playing games with them is more fun than anything.

There’s a reason why kids are always loud, and that’s mainly because they are always having fun. What’s better is that alcohol is not involved at all. Their unhinged imagination is what creates the best games known to humanity. I remember meeting two little girls who decided to be faeries one Halloween, and attacked the “Evil Monster” (who happened to be my friend and their 17 year old brother) by using Sparkle Powers.

8. They say the darndest things.

Let’s face it, with all their mispronunciations in lengthier words, kids do say the funniest and the most profound things. Sometimes, they’re even wittier than the grown ups.

7. Just watching them interact with others can make one smile.

Watching kids play games with other kids, or kids latching themselves to someone much older than them can make anyone smile. Granted, if you happen to have a child latch onto you, it can get slightly annoying, but the fact that they like you just goes to show that you’re not a horrible person. After all, kids always see the best in people.

6. You feel better about yourself when you make one smile.

Just looking at the expectant, and hopeful look on their faces can make even the most stoic of people succumb to the will of young children. The smile they have on their faces, afterwards, makes anything said child made you do completely worth it. I mean, who can resist the gleeful cheer? Or the wide grin? Or the eyes lit up in happiness.

5. They can be easily entertained.

Well, most can be easily entertained by simply turning on the television and flicking it to the children’s channel, or a cartoon network.

4. They’re adorable.

No explanation here needed.

3. They know how to have fun.

Playing pretend while using nothing but a twig on the ground? Making up new rules to tag? Playing an ‘extreme’ version of hide and seek? Suggesting ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf’? Scrambling up and down the playscape/jungle gym? Building stuff from random objects? Yeah. Kids know how to have fun. What’s better, no alcohol!

2. They have the best logic.

Kids always have a reason for doing something and it’s their motive that makes everything much more interesting. For example, a little girl once said to me “I wanna do pigtails on your hair and make you look younger!”

1. They are untainted and innocent.

I guess what makes me love them so much is their untainted, innocent view of the world. They do no wrong, they don’t know the cruelty of the world, and I guess it just makes me want to keep them that way.

What really makes me love them is the combination of all the ten things I just listed. Each child is innocent, has incredible logic and wit, along with a sense of fun and optimism and it’s this that makes it the highlight of anyone’s day. Just by interacting with them can they make anyone smile, just like how I instantly felt much better about myself just by spending time with my little cousin. Any thoughts of the night before were suddenly thrown out the window as she went about wandering around with my phone, taking some selfies and video-selfies, and then playing with my hair.

When someone tells me that spending time with kids are the best medicine, I can’t help but agree wholeheartedly.