Of Warm Drinks and Confessions

Whether if it’s a new born babe having their mother’s breast milk to a full grown adult drinking coffee on a daily basis, I like to think that every living person on this planet had a nice, warm drink at some point in their lives. For a coffee addict such as myself, a nice warm cup of coffee is more than just a cup of coffee and here are my three reasons why.

1. They keep me going.

In the ups and downs of life, a single cup of coffee (or three in my case) can really make a difference in my focus. It keeps me thinking, even if I continue to be half-asleep most days during the Australian winter season. It reminds me that like the espresso shots that give me the short bursts of energy that I need every day, I need to use that energy to do the things that I need to do. Things like study for my classes, pray that I pass my classes, apply for jobs, vacuum my living room, wipe the kitchen counter, clean the bathroom, straighten my bedroom, mop the floor, wipe the window, sweep the dust, take the trash, oh god I need to clean the whole apartment… and then study some more.

Thus the cycle begins once more.

(Hence why I went from one cup every 3 days to 3 cups of coffee a day)

2. Coffee is always there for you.

Whether you’re at a coffee shop or at home in your kitchen, coffee will always be there for you at every turn. Every break up, coffee is there to give you a warm hug. Got into the school you wanted? Coffee will be there to congratulate you. Planning on moving? Coffee will follow you no matter where you go. They will sit there listening to you as you pour your heart and soul, your dreams and aspirations, your likes and dislikes, who you love, what your plans are for the future… You can even sit and reflect on your choices and coffee will still be there.

It will always be there.

No matter what.

3. Lastly, they provide a warm hug!

Whenever I fall prey to the evil that is procrastination, I would spend my time watching TV shows and movies online that would either break my heart into itty bitty pieces or have me rolling on my floor. On the days where I watch those TV shows that would spring tears in my eyes, I would always be huddled on my couch, my fuzzy blue unicorn blanket wrapped around me, my laptop in front of me, a box of tissues on my lap with a steaming cup of coffee in hand. As I shed my tears, I would take a sip of a steaming cup, and I would feel comfort engulf me.

On the occasion where I’m feeling homesick, a warm cup of coffee would ease it all. I would take on the hour long journey of travelling all the way to one of the 6 Starbucks cafe locations in all of Melbourne, order my age old favourite of a venti (large) latte, take a spot by the window all the while pushing aside the sadness that I live so far away from any Starbucks locations. I would think about a particular Starbucks cafe in Canada where my mother and I would always drive 15 minutes for, completely ignoring the other three locations that were all in walking distance. It’s a larger location where the staff are friendlier, the atmosphere being more relaxed and the customers all somehow knowing one another. I would rush over to the line, and patiently wait for my turn. Sometimes when I’m waiting, a barista would see me and say “Hey Jess, how’s it going?”

Yes, I’m one of those customers where I go to one particular location so often and order the same drink every time to the point where I’m friends with the staff and they know my usual drink. After ordering my drink, I would sit by the window for a couple hours at the very least, either chatting with my mother, playing around on my laptop, or chat with the friends that I occasionally bring with me.

Being so far away from home (and from that Starbucks) would sometimes hit to the point where I would be very willing to travel for about 45 minutes in order for me to get the comfort that a Starbucks coffee can give me. It would remind me that I have two homes now: one in Melbourne and one in Canada. After a while of sitting around and drinking my drink, I would feel a lot better before I would make my way home.

And there you have it folks! My confession of the day? I need to stop thinking of coffee as a person.


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