Confessions of a Procrastinator


The title of this post says it all.

It’s nearing midnight tonight, and it’s a Saturday. I have barely even started studying for a Mandarin lecture test coming up in two days, not to mention an essay due next week, online quizzes, a group presentation coming up soon, some French work coming up in three days, not to mention all the regular studying that I need to get done.

Yep. Procrastinating at it’s best.

There’s always that little distraction at the corner of my room, tempting me to get away from my work. Unfortunately, I fall for temptation every time and either get caught up re-reading a fantastic book I brought with me from Canada for the fourth time or get sucked into the world that is Home and Away (the Aussie’s version of One Tree Hill or the OC which I think is a little bit better) leaving me nothing but the late night for me to study.

Every night I would go to bed, determined to do my work the next day. “Tomorrow, I WILL do my work! No more distractions, Jess!” I would repeat that little mantra right before I fall asleep but once morning comes around BOOM! Bonjour, Monsieur procrastination, voulez-vous un café?

Unfortunately, the only way I can think of actually getting my work done is to have extreme self-discipline and self-control. That certainly worked for me in my final year of high school. I worked hard to get myself over here in Australia. Now I just need to keep that up.


There is, however, one little thing that bothers me every single time I would sit down and attempt to do some work: why aren’t I learning this in a more practical method? I think it’d be a bit better to apply all the theories (or in my case, grammatical structures) into every day scenarios. Yes, we need to do some readings, but I think it’d be more interesting to see if those readings have some impact to modern society. As for my language classes, I think having a partner from the same class would do some good. I mean, you’re both doing your best to learn the same language aren’t you? You’d be forced to pay attention to what the other person is saying, at the same time correct them, and memorize things yourself. Although, I think it sounds better in theory. Who knows? At least, both parties are getting in some practice at the very least.

That’s the thing about being a procrastinator: little thoughts always pop into mind whenever you sit down to do some work. Things like errands to run, other work to accomplish, past conversations with people that got you to google something or even the random oddity that has you forget about your work entirely: for some people it can be video games, for others (such as myself and my best friend) it’s reading up random, yet interesting wikipedia articles, followed up by more articles about different things.



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